Coral Gables Coffee Spot: Tinta y Cafe

A hidden gem of a coffee spot in Coral Gables, Florida.

During the week, the hustle and bustle of the day is often draining, and I find myself needing an afternoon pick-me-up. I am a coffee lover and living in Coral Gables, there are many different local cafés to choose from for my daily cup of joe. Today, I visited a locally owned café, cozily tucked just off the main road, called Tinta y Café.

The first thing I noticed about the café when I first pulled into their parking lot was the walk-up window. Yes, the shop features a small window near the entrance door for those in a hurry, or who don’t want to come in and sit down in the café. You can order everything from outside the café and watch the talented baristas make your cup of coffee right in front of you. The service is exceptional, and the coffee is consistent. However, I happened to have enough time to relax and fully indulge myself in the ambiance of the café.

The Atmosphere

When I walked inside the café, I was greeted by a smiling hostess who told me to sit anywhere I would like. I immediately noticed that the tables were not set up like traditional restaurant seating. No two tables were identical, and the chairs differed at each table as well. Some were sofas, others were wooden, rustic-looking barstools. The café resembled a homey cottage which made me feel comfortable and relaxed immediately after walking in. I decided to sit down on the couch and was greeted by a server who gave me the menu of coffee selections as well as a large selection of fresh sandwiches and pastry options.

After I ordered, I asked for the WiFi password and was informed that Tinta y Cafe is dedicated to being a technology-free zone, as the owners strongly value personal communication, and wanted to create a café that would foster human connection and give us time away from the technology that surrounds our lives. It felt good to put my phone down for a bit and just enjoy the present moment.

The Coffee

I ordered an iced cafe con leche with sugar which was extremely smooth. The sweetness was just enough to balance the bitterness of the coffee, but not so sweet that it became overpowering. The creaminess of the milk was brought out by the separation of the espresso at the bottom of the glass. I had to order a refill, as one was just not enough!

The Food

Additionally, I noticed the restaurant served sandwiches in two sizes, mini and regular. I decided to order a mini La Caleña which consisted of turkey, prosciutto, manchego cheese, tomato, red onion, fresh cilantro, and homemade cilantro aioli all sandwiched between a toasted baguette. Everything was so fresh, and the mini was just enough food to pair with my coffee and give me some extra needed energy. In my experience, a café either has really good coffee or really good food. Tinta y Cafe is strong on both ends.

The Bottom Line

If you are in the Coral Gables area and need a cup of coffee to power through, consider visiting Tinta y Cafe. For those in a rush, stop by their walk-up window, order online, or take some time to relax and enjoy the ambiance of their interior while being served by smiling staff who are also coffee experts. Tinta y Cafe is now my go-to coffee spot for quality and convenience.

Tinta y Cafe

1315 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Coral Gables, Florida 33134


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