Planning Your Trip to Miami? Here are Top 5 Spots You Must Visit

Miami has a lot of glitz and fun to offer to tourists traveling to this city from around the world. Miami is always full of tourists who come for the weather, beaches and the vibrant appeal of this city. From tanning at the pool, to exciting nightlife in the city, there is always something to do in Miami. If you are planning your next trip here, be sure to plan out your schedule to hit the key spots.

This article will showcase some of the most stunning tourist attractions of Miami that you must visit to make your trip memorable.

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

This spot has all the elements of an elegant European style waterfront mansion. This artistic wonder was the winter home of the renowned industrialist, James Deering. Spanning over an area of 28 acres, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is an epic depiction of European appeal with fountains, pools, furniture, and various other elements designed in accordance with the vintage European culture. This place also holds amazing community events and parties that you can enjoy during your stay in Miami.

Zoo Miami

If you have kids with you and want an exciting day, there is no other spot that can spark their curiosity more than Zoo Miami. Zoo Miami allows for the exploration of more than 3000 species of wild animals that are present in this zoo. Every species is kept in a proper natural habitat environment in accordance with the needs of animals at Zoo Miami. These open-air exhibits of animals will surely brighten up you child’s day.

Coral Castle

Coral Castle is something that can offer you a totally different experience from the typical glitzy appeal of Miami. If you want to witness amazing architecture and stone carvings, then Coral Castle is your go-to spot. Ed Leedskalnin is the artistic mind behind these attractive sculptures.

Coral Castle also holds a vow renewal ceremony on Valentine’s Day each year. If you visit Miami during this time, then you must pay a visit to this place.

Wynwood Walls

It’s time to take some rest from the vibrant lifestyle of Miami and pay a visit to Wynwood Walls to explore colorful and artistic masterpieces. You will witness giant wall murals here at Wynwood Walls designed by artists from around the world. There are also late-night street parties and art festivals happening year-round, often on the weekends. Check out events online happening in Wynwood.

Lummus Park Beach

Miami is of course known for its beaches. Although beaches fill the coast of the city, my favorite is Lummus Park Beach, located in the heart of Miami’s South Beach. This spot has also been showcased in a lot of famous films. You can relax in the sunshine and enjoy a dive into the cool waters of the shores Atlantic Ocean.


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